DSUMO provides supercomputing resources and offers a revenue model for websites.
DSUMO stands for Distributed Supercomputing Using Microcompute Operations. It's a mouthful, but it's also a brand new approach to leveraging the computing power of the world to solve complex problems.

DSUMO is a KisoLabs service.
DSUMO for Sites

Earn additional website revenue by turning your visitors' CPUs into supercompute nodes.

  • Control which visitors get DSUMO work units
  • Throttle DSUMO CPU utilization to fit with your site's CPU consumption
  • Consistent rate of return compared to most online advertising
  • No requirement to change your UI or effect browsing experience
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DSUMO Computing

Develop and implement applications for the DSUMO distributed computing platform.

  • Access to an immense network of computational nodes
  • Access to the DSUMO Framework Javascript code and documentation
  • Flexible API supporting a variety of syntaxes
  • Virtual multithreading and function cascading for long-running and fully parallelized applications
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