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DSUMO for Site Owners

What is DSUMO?

DSUMO, or Distributed Supercomputing Using Microcompute Operations, is a method of massively parallel computing using small functional operations on anywhere from one to millions of compute nodes.

By partnering with KisoLabs and delivering DSUMO microcompute operations to your site's users, you can earn income without any visual alterations to your site's layout. If you're already serving ads, you can bolster your existing revenue with DSUMO.

DSUMO microcompute operations (MOs) are delivered to your users via AJAX, without interfering with your site's layout or workflow. Our framework ensures that MOs do not use an excessive amount of users' CPU. They are throttled to use between 5 and 15 percent of your users' available CPU cycles, meaning that when their computer is already under load DSUMO will not add any appreciable work to their CPU.

Through both the implementation of our framework and quality control of microcompute operations, we ensure that the MOs will not interfere with your site's user experience. Displaying content to your users is strictly forbidden by the DSUMO computing service agreement.

Earn Income

Your site's earnings through DSUMO are based upon the number of microcompute operations completed per month, as well as the overall completion rate. For every 10,000 microcompute operations completed in the browsers of your site's users, you could earn $4.00 (assuming the ideal of 100% of microcompute operations running to completion). As microcompute operations take 20 seconds to complete on average, you could earn $4 every 20 seconds that you have 10,000 visitors on your site (or $720 per hour per 10,000 visitors).

The Details

Income earned throug DSUMO is calculated on a per-site basis (you can have more than one website associated with your DSUMO account) according to the following formula:

US$ Income = MOs Completed * US$0.0004 * ( MOs Completed / MOs Started )

In other words you will earn $4 per 10,000 microcompute operations that run to completion, multiplied by the ratio of microcompute operations completed to microcompute operations started. (On average, this ratio is 0.85, but depends largely upon the average time each visitor to your site spends on a page).

Giving Back

KisoLabs is committed to providing academic research and development projects with needed computational power through DSUMO. A portion of our total computational capacity will always be donated to such projects. Your site will earn income for processing these microcompute operations, but we urge you to select a donation percentage in your DSUMO for Sites configuration. If you do, that percentage of microcompute operations completed for your site will not earn money for you, but will go to a worthy academic project and will be added to the computational capacity that KisoLabs currently donates.

If you or your organization operates a website which does not earn income (or is not permitted to earn income), please consider implementing DSUMO with your donation percentage set to 100%. You will not be paid for the completion of microcompute operations, but all microcompute operations delivered to your site's users will be processed to further a worthwhile scientific goal.

Please consult a tax attorney to determine if donations of microcompute operations are tax-deductible.

Adding DSUMO to Your KisoLabs Account

At this time, KisoLabs is in the process of beta testing the DSUMO platform with acedemic research partners at no cost to compute users, and with no income earned by site owners. If you represent a college, university, research laboratory, or non-profit organization and would be interested in participating in our beta program, please email with details on your organization and your monthly page view volume.

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